When machining parts, many challenges may surface. Meeting quality specifications is just as important as producing parts on time and within budget, but when it comes to holding a size or meeting surface finish requirements, a very cost-effective option may be Burnishing. Burnishing tools for metal come in many shapes and sizes. Over the years Monaghan Tooling Group has developed both standard and application specific burnishing tools. With that being said, which burnishing tool is best?


OD Carbide Roll Burnishing – The Outside Diameter (OD) Carbide roll tool is used on turning machines, both manual and CNC and produces mirror-like surface finishes of 4 to 8 Ra in just one pass in most materials. This type of burnishing tool is versatile and can be used on external diameters, tapers, radii and face as well as large internal bores, especially in VTL’s (vertical turning lathes). The main benefit of this tool is its ability to eliminate secondary operations such as grinding and honing, thus saving manufacturers set up time and money. Some parts that are a good fit for OD Carbide Roll Burnishing are high-pressure tubes, hydraulic cylinders and drive shafts.

ID/OD Carbide Roll Burnishing – The Inside/Outside Diameter (OD) Carbide roll tool is very similar to the OD tool except it can burnish internal diameters down to Ø2.25″ (Ø57.15 mm) and is used on turning machines just like a boring bar. When flipped over it can be used to burnish an OD as well.

Diamond Burnishing- Diamond Burnishing tools are unique, inexpensive tools that are easy to use and provide a low-cost way to produce an ultra-smooth surface finish on linear surfaces. This type of Burnishing Tool comes in two different kinds of styles, a stick tool style, and a boring bar style. Both styles can be used on CNC lathes as well as manual lathes. The OD tool is used for burnishing the OD of parts. The boring-bar style tool is designed for bores as small as Ø0.500″ (Ø12.7 mm) x 2.80″ (60.9 mm)  deep. This ID tool can also be flipped over to burnish the OD of a part as well. Check out this case study on how Diamond Burnishing saved this manufacturer of hardened shaft bearing journals $130,000.



ID Multi Roll Burnishing-  Internal Diameter (ID) burnishing is a great method for achieving the correct size and finish of bores. Along with accurate sizing and surface finish achievements, ID Multi Roll Burnishing tools may also increase the surface hardness of ID holes depending on the material type. This type of burnishing tool has 3 different roll styles available. Through rolls are a roll style with greater radius relief and are used for through holes. Blind Rolls burnish closer to the bottom of a hole than through rolls. Bottoming rolls are used in blind hole applications to burnish as close as possible to the bottom of a bore. For example, through hole burnishing can hold 3 tenths, 0.0003″ ( 0.007 mm) on diameter while producing a single-digit surface finish in most materials. We also offer a line of burnishing tools built for Swiss-type machines.

Special Burnishing Tools– Monaghan Tooling Group has shown expertise in burnishing for over 25 years. Special burnishing tools have the ability to be custom made to fit a multitude of different applications. We have designed thousands of different specials to meet some of the most demanding burnishing applications.

All in all, the best type of burnishing tool depends on your application. Regardless of what part, material, or machine you are working with, Monaghan Tooling Group can provide a burnishing tool to fit your needs whether a standard or a special. We have seen a lot of applications, so contact us today and find out exactly what burnishing tool can save you the most time and money.