Burnishing tools

Burnishing tools use the process of burnishing which is a method of working metal to achieve the desired surface finish. Burnishing is a process that does not remove metal such as grinding or honing, rather it works the material to create a uniform surface resulting in a better surface finish. There are several benefits that burnishing tools have to offer.

Here are three benefits to using a burnishing tool for metal:

It’s a Versatile Process

There are times when different part configurations cannot be easily adjusted, but burnishing tools can come in many different forms to help fit your application. The main types of burnishing tools are ID multi-roll burnishing, OD Carbide Roll burnishing, ID/OD Carbide Roll Burnishing, and diamond burnishing tools. Within these types of burnishing tools, there are a vast array of options to fit any number of applications. The standard burnishing range can cover most applications, but occasionally specialized burnishing tools need to be developed.

It is a High Quality Method

Different methods can be used to achieve a surface finish for a variety of reasons. Burnishing tools do not only provide higher quality surface finishes the tooling is of top quality. Since burnishing tools are often the last tool to touch a part in the machining process the tool itself must be of the utmost quality. Not only are burnishing tools easy to use, but they are also built to last. For example, with a carbide roll burnishing tool, once the carbide roll is worn down, it can be refurbished and replaced without having to purchase an entirely new tool. Some burnishing tools have been running consistently for decades!

It’s a Cost-Effective Process

Being able to manufacture parts at a high level of quality, while doing it as efficiently as possible, is a standard of the industry. Burnishing tools for machining metal can often replace entire operations. The cost savings of just one burnishing tool could be immense. As mentioned above, burnishing tools are built at a very high quality and can last for a very long time increasing the lifetime value of the tool. The manufacturing industry is a large and competitive one. In fact, if manufacturing in the United States of American were to be treated as a stand-alone industry, it would have the eighth largest GDP in the world. In an environment like that, you need to have the best tools that allow you to compete in this competitive market. Burnishing can provide a lot of key benefits to your operation.